About Enid Montague

I am a multidisciplinary researcher at the intersection of human factors, human computer interaction, and health and wellness. I’ve been a principal investigator or investigator for over $9,000,000 of funded research and author of over 100 peer reviewed publications. I studyаappropriateаautomation and medicine. My research is concerned with understanding and mitigating unintended consequences of technology in complex sociotechnical systems, designing for appropriate use, trust and acceptance and generating guidelines for the design of safe, efficient, and effective technologies and systems. In addition to my engineering background, I have unique training and expertise in critical cultural theory and understanding the needs of diverse users. My goals are to make impactful contributions to improving human health and wellbeing through innovative research and design.а

I received my master's and doctoral degree from Virginia Tech's department of Industrial and System's Engineeringа with certificates in Human Computer Interaction from the Center for Human-Computer Interaction.

ай Enid Montague