The HCI lab Hosted an event for PEOPLE (the Pre-College Enrichment Opportunity Program for Learning Excellence)

PEOPLE is a pre-college pipeline for students of color and low-income students, most of whom are the first in their families to potentially attend college. Their journey prepares them to apply, be successfully admitted and enroll at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. PEOPLE accepts highly motivated students into a rigorous program to build study skills, explore and strengthen academic and career interests, and gain a positive experience on a world-class campus.


Dr. Enid Montague and the HCI lab hosted an interactive talk about human-centered computing and engineering. The students participated in a  series of interactive activities to show why human capabilities and limitations are necessary for good designs.  The students then used participatory design methods to work on teams to brainstorm about solutions to an important problem; texting while driving. Graduate students from the human factors and ergonomics society student chapter helped with the activities and spoke about what inspired them to become engineers and  why they really love what they do. Dr. Barker a professor from Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering at the University of Missouri joined in the activities and plans to give a similar presentation to junior high students at Missouri later this summer.



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