Barriers Experienced by Doctoral Studentsа

Barriers and Supports Experienced by Doctoral Students While Pursuing Their PhD

Huntae Chung, Erica K. Husser, Ndalapa Mhango, Enid Montague, Jennifer Mullin, Tiffaney Parkman, Kristen Pujari

Statistical trends report that over a third of doctoral students are not likely to obtain their degree.а Factors such as program match, academic structure, faculty and advisor support, personality, financial ability, and time-management skills are identified in the literature as integral to doctoral student success. Face-to-face semi-structured interviews were conducted with seven doctoral students at Virginia Polytechnic and State University. Researchers sought to understand the supports and barriers doctoral students perceived as influencing their graduate experience. Qualitative analysis of interview transcripts identified five themes: motivation, communities of support, playing the game, and academic structure. These findings are a significant contribution to literature about students who are in the process of completing requirements for a doctoral degree.

ай Enid Montague