Cultural Critical Incidentsа

Tonya Smith-Jackson, Enid аMontague, Chanel Thomas, Brandy Faulknerа

Grado Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering,
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA, USA

Cultural critical incidents (CCIs;), defined as any events involving an ethnically heterogeneous dyad or group, can be used to identify contributors to disparities in hazard exposures.а CCIs characterize the nature of cultural misunderstandings (Smith-Jackson & Essuman-Johnson, 2002), assumptions, stereotypes, or other barriers that contribute to the higher incidence of accidents, injuries, and fatalities among ethnic minority groups in both the USA and abroad.а The purpose of this study was to exploreа CCIs derived from participants in a pilot study who reported their experiences, which were, in turn, analyzed as scenarios (Moggridge, 1993).а A social-constructivist research philosophy (Creswell,2003) drove the analysis of the qualitative data (reports of scenarios).Patterns identifiedаfrom the pilot study are reported here with preliminary recommendations for application to improve safety in multiethnic work systems. а

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ай Enid Montague