Developing Notification Systems


MNS from Vision to Reality: A Human-Centered approach to Developing Notification Systemsа
Enid Montague (ISE),а
Linsey Barker (ISE),
аBen Congleton (CS) ,
аCyril Montabert (CS),
аCarrie Slater (ISE)


This project explores the use of scenario-based design (SBD) to build notification systems.а This report describes in detail the procedure used and the products from each stage of SBD, requirements analysis, activity design, information design, and interaction design.а The work motivates the inclusion of rapid prototyping during the information and interaction phases of design, and the necessity of the Activity Checklist to guide activity design (Kaptelinin, Nardi & Macaulay, 1999).а We discuss lessons learned and propose steps we could take to improve our design process in the future.а The results of the prototype evaluations are used to make MNS design improvements.

ай Enid Montague